Watercolor Portraits
Watercolor Portraits by Rose Bradley

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I paint and draw portraits because I love the beauty I see in all faces, and the stories they tell. Watercolor is my favorite medium because it too seems to have a life of its own. It moves. It has its way with light. It is most suited to rendering realistic skin tones. When I do a portrait I work for a likeness, of course, but there is always a point when a light goes on and I know I have it, the spark that is that person. I paint for that spark.

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Watercolor flowers by Rose Bradley



Watercolor Pets by Rose Bradley


Watercolor landscapes by Rose Bradley


Rose Bradley is a full-time artist living in Chelsea, Michigan specializing in watercolor portraits. Her medium of choice is watercolor, and she has been pursuing an understanding of the ways of this challenging medium for fifteen years. She shares her learning with the community through teaching at the Chelsea Center for the Arts, and with other local groups.

She took up the study of watercolor painting because of an overwhelming attraction to works by John Singer Sargent, J.M.W. Turner, Mary Cassatt, Charles Reid and Bart Lindstrom. She has always been the kind who “likes to make her own”. She has completed numerous watercolor and pencil portraits by commission, has displayed and sold her paintings and won many prizes.
She uses transparent watercolor paints on paper in a traditional method and has explored new surfaces such as watercolor canvas, clayboard, and artboard.

“My paintings are my way of expressing my love for the beauty I see in Creation, and my gratitude for it, and giving that joy to others.”